To be able to hold decent webinars, you should invest in high-quality webcams and microphones. Even if the latest smartphones feature amazing cameras and microphones, they are often not good enough for proper video and audio transmissions in a professional environment.

Audio device

If possible, always use a headset to prevent echo. Never use the build-in microphone/loudspeaker of your notebook to hold online meetings. If you don’t have a headset, Spreed also offers the possibility to dial-in with your (mobile) phone (see Dial-in). Spreed offers several local dial-in numbers.


We recommend using an USB webcam in your online meetings. Most of the build-in webcams don’t have auto focus and are not suitable to hold professional webinars.


While WebRTC is supported on many desktop computers nowadays, it is still not fully compatible in mobile environments. Desktop browsers, especially Iridium, Chrome and Firefox are the best choice to hold professional meetings.

Web Browser

We recommend using one of the following Web browsers:

  • Google Chrome/Chromium 56+

  • Iridium Browser

  • Mozilla Firefox 52+

  • Safari 13+

  • Opera

  • Microsoft Edge 76+

Mobile browsers are not supported yet.

If you experience any problems, try our WebRTC Troubleshooter to find out what could be responsible for the issue.

We are happy to help you! Call us at +49 711/25242866 or send an email to